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APRIL 1936 

This month 

me e"t ±. 


7 : 30 EM 

7 *e. >K 



A-fc -bine Estloon He* 

Community CD e n. "teir 

2077 Larpent, 

, T : 30 



W . 

Bruce Haug.,.Prssidsnt 774-6226 Bob Rhode....Editor 222 3593 

Jin Schulz...Vice-Pres 537-5442 Bob Siede.... Treasurer 489-3982 

Frank Haug_Disk Lib. 774-6226 Bob Floyd.... Secretary 487-2627 

.T im Siede.... Paper/Educational Librarian 489-3982 
SPACE/TAIG Bulletin Board...473-2897 

Published by the St. Paul 
Atari Computer Enthusiasts (SPACE), 
an independent organization with no 
business affiliation with Atari 
Incorporated. Permission is 
granted to any similar organization 
with which SPACE exchanges 
newsletters to reprint material in 
this newsletter. We do, however, 
ask that credit be to the authors 
and to SPACE. Opinions expressed 
are those of the article authors 
and do not necessarily reflect the 
views of SPACE, club officers, 
members, or Atari Inc. 


8-BIT news page 2 

GWHIZ graphics utility page 3 

by John Novotny 
ST news Page 4 

ST software reviews page 5 

by Jim Schulz 


19 S 6 PAGE 2 





*■ *■ 


* APRIL 11th Meeting • 

¥ * 

As you can see there Mill be a seep eeet at the April 
seeting. This is a good tiee to get rid of that old gaie 
you never play anysore, or that old joystick that worts ok 
but the new one you bought fits your hand better. 
Also, software should be coeplete with docueentation! We 
will have the club's 400 and 130xe avaiable to check 
software on. Please just take sure it loads; don't play 
the whole gase! 

* * 




* • 

Bring your paid up leadership card up to the 
president, and he will enter your naee in the door prize 
drawing. The door prizes are donated by the vendors who 
sell at our setting, and advertise in our newsletter: Btfi 
Hoee Casputer, Hindtools, User Friendly and Wizard’s Work. 
The prizes include the following at this tise: The PARTY 
QUIZ gase, sose 10-PACKS of DISKs, JOYSTICKS and other 
assorted prograas. If your seshership is out of date see 
Bob Siede, our Treasurer. 

HAST jesters, WANT TO SELL WIT EQUIP.??? Cose to the 
B-Bit seating on the Uth. 


by Bob Floyd 

The last SPACE seeting was held Friday, Narch 14, 


In ’News/Ruiors*, it was reported that the 65XE is now 
available, since all the SOOlL's have been sold. The 
’Learning Phone* (PLATO) cartridge is now available 
locally. Ultioa IV will soon be here froa Electronic Arts. 

Vice President Jia Schul: reported on ST news (see 
HAST sinutes). Treasurer Bob Siede reported a balance of 
$953.15 and that the HAST group is alaost breaking even 
already. ANALOG disit librarian Bob Floyd explained that he 
accidentally reversed the reasons for re-registering with 
his (SPACE renewal vs. ANALOG renewal). Bob will siss the 
next SPACE seating, so Larry Vandenplas will be secretary 

for the April SPACE seeting and Dianne Haug will handle 
ANALOG disks. Dianne will be handling ANALOG DON'S free 
now on. Frank Haug showed BOINK and FUJI Boinfc froa the 
disk of the sonth. There was also a ’lovieiaker’ double 
sided disk for sale. The BBS is up and running. 

The ribbon re-inker got its first few custoaers, Cost 
for re-inking is $1.00 and is for the wide cartridge Epsons 
and spool-to-spool ribbons only, at this tise. Bruce has 
inforsation on where Rana drives can be serviced. There 
were coaplaints that purchased ANTIC Hagazine software is 
unreliable. There will be a swap aeet at the April 
seeting. Bruce Haug deso'd how to use a sodei and call up 
a Bulletin Board. He used a VCR to show a session 
previosiy recorded at hoee so he could rewind and show 
things over again. 

DON (dah dua due dusaa) 

By: Frank Haug 

(Don’t wind the spring huaor please) Hell, I hope you 
all had a happy Easter. It would have been nice to have had 
soae Easter type programs, but we can't cry aver spilt silk 

I would like to think ill the people who have 
contributed to the BOH and I hope others will follow their 

Enough of that. This sonth we will also be selling 
(for $4) a HENBEH-iRITTEN prograa (yes, aeabers do write 
prograss; believe it or not.) called SNI1. It is a graphic 
utility that allows you to aanipulate previously saved 
pictures froa the Koala/Atari touch tablet. It has too 
aany features to descibe here in detail. But it coses with 
instructions, so fear not. 

Now the soaent you've all been waiting for... 

Gn with the proqraas on the April 1986 BON. 

[.ACROBAT - Use the joystick to juap (push up),dive 
(push down) and soiersault (trigger) past obstacles. 

2. NIHDBST.3AS - A nerve-racking dizifying pattern 
■atching puzzle. 

3. TRACES.COM - Tron light cycles for two players 
(needs two joysticks). Trigger speeds you up. 

4. FUJISHAN.CGH - Another Atari graphic deao. 

5. BIBPLQT - Biorythys on screen w/ optional 1020 
plotted chart. 

This south we will have a UPDATED listing of the DON 
library.Reaeaber, if I don't have a copy of the past 
disk(s) you want, leave your naae and the naaes of the 
disk(s) you want. 


1S a 6 PAGE 3 


6HHIZ, a print utility for Koala graphics 
by John Novotny 

Recently, 1 provided SPACE with a copy of ey graphics 
editor prograi for uncoapressed KOALA-type disk files, to 
be aade available to SPACE leabers. It is a BASIC progran 
with aachine language routines for all tiae critical 
processing, requiring 48K of RAH. Following is a suaaary 
of its capabilities: 

1) Load and save full-screen graphics disk files. 

Disk directory access is provided. 

2) Add text in default colors 1 thru 3. Text uy be 
added in "Add* or 'Replace* udes, with separate width and 
height options. 

3) Exchange colors (color 0*color 3, color l*color 2). 

4) Shade any of the four colors separately, with four 
patterns available. Shading consists of replacing the 
selected color with color 0 pattern, except shading color 0 
adds color 3 pattern. 

5) Flip (invert) and eirror screen eeeory (useful for 
generating different attidudes of ICQNs, see below). 

6) Add grid to the graphics screen to provide 
coordinates for locating editing tasks. 

7) All changes go to the teeporary screen ueory 
buffer (SC), and are transferred to a pereanent buffer (SI) 
under keyin control. 

8) Print graphics using Epson RX-80 printer (the 
docueent on disk tells which 2 prograi lines have printer 
specific code). Print options are print colors 1-3, only 
color 3, or colors 1,2. A feature to change the graphics 
screen colors 1,2 to 3 uy be used to see what a print 
colors 1-3 iiage will look like. 

In addition to the above functions, the fallowing 
partial screen (ICON) capabilities are provided. The basic 
ICON function is the ability to lift off any part (all 
colors or only color 3) of the current graphics screen (up 
to 90+1 of the screen area). The uses of this are several, 
as fallows: 

1) Hold part of a picture while a screen function is 
perforaed. An ICON aay be held in the ICON buffer while 
the screen buffer is reloaded with another picture or 
changed with any of the screen editing caaeands. In fact, 
up to 10 ICONs uy be in the ICON buffer at any one tiae, 
as long as the sua of their areas does not exceed the 90+1 
of screen aaxinun. 

2) An ICON aay be put back to the screen buffer in 
•Add* of 'Replace* sodas, and optionally enlarged (separate 
width and height paraaeters). 

3) An ICON aay be rotated 90 degrees counter 
clockwise. The rotated ICON is a new ICON of area equal to 

the source ICON - the largest ICON that can be rotated is 
1/2 the aaxiaua ICON size. 

4) Any ICON aay be deleted froa the ICON buffer, with 
the reaaining ICQNs left intact. 

5) ICONs aay be saved and loaded to disk files. Width 
and height values preceed the graphics data in the file. 

6) Print ICON, with all the features as for print 
screen buffers. 

The uin idea behind the prograi is to prepare 
graphics for use with a future prograi which will generate 
docuaents by coabining text and graphics files. The 
current print graphics feature is intended to give you a 
hard copy record of your graphics files (each print 
graphics is preceeded with an ID, i.e. file-naae or 
whatever you wish). Also to show you what the printer 
iuge will look like. Meanwhile, you aay find soae of the 
editing features useful just for screen graphics files. 


war L hovt an. 

10 FOR 

10 FOR §!&lO 



Sorry. I’ll run it next month. 


X 9 8 6 PAGE 4 


by Bob Floyd 

OQH sales'- I’d like to thank all of you who are 
buying the disk of the aonth. The sales have been terrific 
and should put HAST in the black and earning toney towards 
a club owned ST. The high nuaber of disk sales is a 
reflection of the value ot the disks, and the aaount of 
tine and energy die Schulz puts into it. 

Texans - He now have 2 nethers froe Texas thanks to an 
article I wrote for the 3N coaputer club newsletter. Bob 
Boren and Henry Kubicek of Brownwood, Texas are the first 
(and probably not the last! HAST aeabers froe out of state. 
They are buying the DOtt’s even though they don’t yet own 
ST’s (I think they're waiting an the 1040’s). 

Valworld Gazette - The *ValHorld Gazette* is a 
biaonthly publication that has been around for over 2 
years. They were supporting the Epson 01-10 coaputer only, 
until now. VH6 is now covering the ST and has sent us 6 or 
B copies to hand out at oar nesting. It isn't too 
inpressive because the infornation is soeewhat light and 
outdated. But, it will probably ieprove greatly over the 
next few issues. 

Hac Enulator - This is one of those good news and had 
news situations. The good news is that Bata Pacific has 
developed the *Hac Cartridge* for 1 segabyte eonochroee 
ST's. The bad news is that it actually uses the Apple RQH 
obtained froe service centers. I can’t inagine Apple 
selling their ROHs in large quantities for use in an ATARI 
cartridge. Don't expect to see this one on store shelves. 
(Wiy do people work on things like this with such an 
obvious fault?) 

No Lights - Sorry to those who couldn't find the 
aeeting place on Harch 21. There was a eixup with the 
janitor resetting the autosatic tiners. 

ST-File - Froe the eaters of ST-Talk, here is the 
database I’ve been waiting for. It features aany of the 
standard features and sore. But even tore ieportantiy, it 
has the ability to read DIF (data interchange foreat) 
files. This Beans that I can finally (and easily) convert 
ty rather large SynFile* databases to the ST since both 
prograas support DIF. Does anyone else know of Database 
proqraas for the ST that support OIF file transfers? If 
so, let us know at the aeeting. I'a sure aany Atarians 
would like to convert froa SynFile+ 4the east coaaon 8-bit 
database) to a prograa an the ST. 

Harch HAST Heeting Hinutes 
by Bob Floyd 

The last HAST aeeting was held Friday, Harch 21, 199a. 

There was alat of *News/Ruaars*. Here are the 

The ROHs are here and alaost everyone has then installed 

The 1040STs are in California now and should be available 
locally by the end of Harch. 

There will be a new version of TOS in ROH available by 
the end of suaaer. The CPH enulator should be on hand soon 
- it will run Wordstar and Hicrosoft BASIC. 

The HS-OOS eaulator that is being developed features an 
808B processor + 512K on board RAH. It will run Lotus and 
Syaphony, aaong others. The price will be around $200 
without the 5.25* drive. 

The new *bit-blitter* chip being developed will use a 
daughter board for installation. 

The new LOGO that was shipped with the ROH's is faster 
than the original LQ60. 

A wild ruaor is that Aaiga is working on an ST eaulator 
and that Aaiga is re-writing their operating systea froa 

Soaeone is working on a 4 aeqabyte upgrade (where will it 
end?). Activision bought Infaeon. 

VIP and Shanner are still feuding. 

A lot of Unix type products are on the way, soae with 
aultitasking capabilities. 

The TT 32 bit aachine will likely be shown as a ST add-on 
at the Hanover, best Seraany show in April. 

Scott Hutchinson will be the HAST secretary beginning 
in April (thanks Scott!). Jia Schulz aade 4 aaazing 
disks-of-the-aonth, plus a special disk on artificial 
intelligence. Jia polled aeabers on their preference of 
picture disks for future release. A squeezed forsat will 
probably be used. Bab Floyd requested aeabers with ANALOG 
aagazine subscriptions to register with hia so that we can 
get a club disk subscription in the future at a reduced 

The BBS at Hindtools is up and running (542-9980) and 
is available to HAST aeabers. User Friendly also has a BBS 
(786-2458). HAST aeabers are also welcoae. 

Hizard’s Hork is now an authorized ST service center. 
User Friendly is also authorized. 

Oeao's included an extensive look at the disk of the 
aonth by Jia Schulz. A fantastic beta copy of Joust was on 
one the disks. Todd Burkey of Hindtools shewed Nicro 
C-Shell, a Unix-like shell over TOS. It allows one to run 
prograas, renaae files, etc. in auch the saee way as Unix. 


Disk of the Honth - April 

Ay Schulz 

After four disks last ninth, the big question is hoe 
can I top that?? 

This eonth so far public doaain software has been in 
short supply but praqraas already slated for this aonth's 
disk of the eonth include: Cribbaqe in BASIC, Tiny BASIC 
for those who don't like ST BASIC, XLISP, yes another 
proqraeeing language, the underlying structure for LOGO. 
These are sure things. 

The rest will coae aore into focus in the next two 
weeks as I start to coed the BBSs fir the country for the 
best software for DON. For those who don't know, HAST has 
a disk of the eonth which we charge $5.00 for which is 
packed full of public doaain software for the ST. All 
software progress are checked by ae and docueented in a 
READ.HE file in each directory so you are sure you get 
soaething that works. So far we have a library of eight 
disks after two aonths with aore to coae. The disks look 
like this so far: 

February DON il - Degas files, desos, SEN instruction 
articles, and utility prograas. 

February DON 12 - Application prograas, gaaes, and 
ausic prograas Atari TOS 2.0 * New version of Atari TQS on 
disk with a full disk of disk related applications and 
utility prograas. 

Narch DON tl - Utility prograas. 

Harch DON >2 - Saaes and general ST infaraation. 

Narch DON 13 - Application prograas, Degas files, 
deaos, and GEN instruction articles. 

Narch DON #4 - Nodula deao, ausic prograas, OSS Pascal 
inforsatian and deaos, and raadisk prograas Artificial Int. 
* Deao of an very nice artificial intelligence prograa. 

Hell, that’s what we have so far. 

For aore details, see ae at the next HAST aeeting. Other 
DON news: For those who cannot sake the aeeting and still 
would like the DON, I will aail thea to you within one week 
of the aeeting for the standard $5.00 plus $0.50 for 
postage and handling for each disk. 

Ny address is: 3264 Helcoaa Avenue North Crystal, NN 


Neo and Degas picture disks should be available at the 
next aeeting. Each disk will include squeezed picture 
files, the unsqueeze prograa, and a slide show prograa so 
that you don't 

need Neo or Degas to show off your ST. 

Probleas, probleas, probleas. I have recieved reports 
that scm of last aonth’s disks were bad. If you got a bad 
disk, bring the original disk to the next HAST aeeting far 
a replaceaent. Also on the last disk one file was 
aisnaaed. The file CRABS.RSC on the Narch DON tl should be 
CRAB.RSC. If it is renaaed, selecting the CRABS entry in 
the accessaries aenu wi!l_not crash you systea. 

Nell, that's it for this aonth. I will see you at the 
next NAST aeeting with at least two full disks of the best 
public doaain software to be found froa the last aonth. 

1986 PAGE 5 

Software Reviews 
by Jia Schulz 

Zooaracks by Quickview Systeas 

Did you ever see a prograa that was beyond description 
for its innovative way of attacking an application? hell, 
this is that prograa. This prograa is alaost beyond 

Zooaracks is a data base prograa that aakes use of 
index cards to organize data into racks. Sound 
interesting?? I will go on. How about data base fields of 
up to 259 lines of data (3 pages in length)? Zooaracks 
also includes on-line help through the press of the help 
key, eacros, up to 9 racks in aeaory at the saae tiae, and 
aultiple racks on the screen at the saae tiae. Still sound 

Nell... Zooaracks sight be an interesting prograa, 
but it does have its drawbacks. Zooaracks is not an easy 
prograa to learn. 1 don’t know about you, but when I get a 
prograa I want to boat it and use it isMdiatsiy. 1 don't 
want to read long aanuals. I want to use the prograa. 
Zooaracks does coae with a long aanual, but in order to 
understand this prograa they tell you to use it. Others 
haye said that the aanual is useless. Hell, I tried the 
prograa and it after booting up left up with an options 
screen. Two of these options are a tutorial of Zooaracks 
and a deaonstration of Zooaracks. Hey, just what I need I 

Hell... 1 ran the desonstation. I said to ayself, 
"Boy, this prograa is really neat." The desonstation 
really whet ay interest. I had to experiaent with this 
prograa. That was ay first problea. Once I went ahead and 
experiaentsd, I got lost. Yes, lost in a coaputer prograa. 
Zooaracks does have a feature to allow you to undo your 
previous coaaand. But I did two coasands. Ny only out, 
exit the prograa. 

Next I tried the tutorial. Very well done. I learned 
aore about the prograa but I still don't feel coafortable 
with this prograa. Now for ay conclusion. You ready. You 
think I hate it. You think I will never boot it again. 

You think that I have been huailiated, outsaarted by a 
coaputer prograa. Hell... no on all accounts. ! aa still 
working at Zooaracks. Zooaracks is not the type of prograa 
that you sit down and learn and use in one night and I 
think the authors know this. The aanual says it between 
the lines and the prograa says it. The prograa and the 
aanual lead you through ths prograa but they just give you 
too aany options. Yes, too aany. 

For all it's probleas, Zooaracks is a very good 
prograa and very powerful both in design and 

New the big question, do I recoaaend that you buy 
it??? Hell... if you want to take the tiae and effort to 


learn and use a very unique and powerful datebase, I would 
say yes, go buy it. If you want to sit down tonight and 
boot up the prograa and start entering data, I would say 
no, forget it. 

Zoonracics reoinds ae of (oh no he is starting to drift 
into his 800 past) Data Perfect. Data Perfect is a 
powerful data base but often tiaes too hard for aost people 
to understand. Zooaracks is alot like this. It is a very 
unique, innovative prograa that is not for everyone. 

Before I close this review, let it conclude with a few 
facts. Zooaracks was written by five prograaaers who own 
the coapany and are coaaitted to the Zooaracks 
architecture. They are very responsive to us the Atari ST 
user and listen to our probleas. I talked with thee about 
ay concerns and their response was to play with the 
prograa. Those who have used it and worked with say that 
it that grows on you. dell, that's what I will do and will 
get back to you an ey progress. 

Currently, their is so Bath capability ie Zooaracks. 
This according to thee will be reaedied with their June 
release along with soae other goodies. Also they said they 
are planning to use the Zooaracks architecture far other 
application prograas, including a telecoaaunications- 
package. Now that I have to see!1! 

Also Zooaracks is not copy-protected. Thank you. But 
please don't aisuse this or else. That's Zoasracks. I 
hope this will help you decide before you buy. 


Solitaire and 21 by Electro 

Now to switch gears, STs are not all work and no play. 
This prograa 1 will endorse wholeheartedly as one of the 
nicest ST gaae prograas that I own. Mith this package, you 
get both solitaire and 21 which both use the SEN interface. 
You need help. Instructions are only a aenu click away. I 
as a solitaire aan ayself and this gaae I keep right next 
to ay coaputer to play before bedtiae. 

Solitaire gives you two options, one to redeal the 
cards and the other to set the nuaber of cards to turn. 21 
also gives the option to redeal and the option to set the 
aaount of your bet on each gaae. 

Nell, there is not a lot that I can say about this 
prograa that is bad. Hell... I did find one bug. If you 
get this gaae and play solitaire, keep your cards away froa 
the top of the BEN window. If you card touches the top of 
the window, it is reboot tiae. But now that I know this I 
just watch out. In conclusion... buy this prograa. It is 
cheap for an ST prograa at $19.93 list. No aanual, but you 
don't need one. Not copy protected, need I say aore. Also 
when you select either solitaire or 21 to start, it loads 
both. No additional disk access. Very nice. Need I say 

1986 PAGE 6 

appeared, you probably saw an ad for this prograa, lauding 
a SEN interface and the ability to catalog your disks of 3T 
software. I ordered this prograa after reading in an Antic 
CES article on Coapuserve that this prograa was shipping in 
two weeks. It sounded good but I aa always a little leery 
of aagazine ads advertising prograas. Prograas are never 
done when they say they will be. This is no exception. I 
waited about five weeks and I finally recieved a disk in 
the sail. So I booted it up. 

How, custoa icons. 

Yes, they designed their own disk icons. I guess they 
didn’t like Atari's. I then started to pull down the 
aenus. Save files, serge files, load files,... All the 
standard file options. Display files by directory, file 
naae, voluae naae, or all. Acceptable. Print files, 
change voluae naae, search for file. It offered exactly 
what it advertised. So let's go. I put disk one in and 
that worked fine. I put in disk two and that worked fine. 

I put in disk three and the prograa crashed with three 
aushrooas (pre-RQN days). 

Hell, I looked at this disk after rebooting and 
noticed that the prograa did not support a disk with all 
subdirectories and no files in the aain directory. After 
playing with soae aore, I found soae aore bugs all not so 
easy to get around. But with the package, they proaised an 
update in a wealth. I bet. Never. 

But a aonth later, I recieved an update along with a 
list of bugs that had been fixed froo the first release. 

Hy subdirectory problee. Still not fixed. I wrote thee a 
letter this tiae and I aa sure it will be fixed in the next 
release. Other than that the prograa runs as advertised. 
You have probably seen this prograa in action and don't 
even know it. The DON directory listing posted at the 
aceting are froa this prograa. Very nicely done. Also 
another feature which l haven’t used such yet is the 
ability to put a description with each prograa. 

Now it's conclusion tiae. 

Should you buy it??? The answer is .....not now. 

This is a very nice prograa and very well written but I 
think it is just a little to buggy to start out with. If 
you are willing to live the bugs, I say go buy it. I'a 
glad I did. The way Extended Software supports it's users 
I think in one or two aore aonths this prograa will aost 
likely be bug-free. In aeantiae, I will live with the bugs 
and report thea and wait for the next update to coae. 

Hell, that’s it for reviews this aonth. If I find 
tiae, next aonth we will read about King's Quest II, a very 
nice aniaated graphics adventure, Easy-Draw, a professional 
drawing prograa, and the Clock Cartridge, the first 
cartridge available for that hole in the left hand side of 
your aachine. Until next aonth, happy ST coaputing. 

Disk library by Extended Software 

If you have been reading Antic since the ST first 


Saint f^ut ATARI Computer Enthusiasts 

An independent computer user group 

SPACE It m independent vanr iataraat yroap of oaaara at ATARI How Coaputer*. It Am baaa orgMiiad Ay local oaaara of 
ATARI c oap atari far tfeo parpote of wtaal Mlf aasiataaco aid lAarlny of 1 of or action. It la opaa ta all lataraatad 
c aap at ar aatbaaiaata. 

Tha iroap Am racaatly chaafad aaatiaf tiaa aad locatioa ta actoaodata tha racMt influa of aaa aeabars. SPACE aoa aaata 
m tAa aacaad Friday of aacl aaatA at tAa Falcoa Heights Coaaaalty CMtar, 2077 Matt LarpMtaur, at 7i30 pa* Haatiny 
tlM aad lacatlM cm Aa caafiraod Ay calliay oaa of tba offlcara listed baton. 

RART la a US (Special Iataraat Group) of SPACE* aad ia iataadad for tAa oaaara of tAa aaa ATARI S208T* infaraatlM 
m otAar ATARI coapatara ia oat diacaaoad at IM8T aootlnya. TAara la aa additional aaaAeriAip faa ta Aacoaa a aaaAar of 
HART. Tha HART REMSLETTER ia part of tAa royaler SPACE Raaalottar aad ia aailod ta year Aon aacA aaath bofora tha 
aaatiay data.NART aaata tha third Friday of tha aaath at tha aaaa above locatlM aad tiaa. 

Raaafita of aaaAaraMp iaclada aaftaara doa o n a t r it loat, yroap parchaan at oaAataatlal dltcouti, group project*, paAlic 
daaaia diak of tha aaath aaftaara at vary loa price*, book library, aaa educational aaftaara library uith over 20 
proyraaa, paraoaal coatacta / learning, yraatar iofaraatloa/aaaraaata oa tAa aarld of ATARI, aaftaara at diacauated 
pricM froa daalara at aoatlaya, OaaatiM I Aaaaar SaoaiM, ate. Caaa to a aaatiay ta find oat aora. 


STica Raay...Fraaidaat_,771-4224 lab Floyd....Rocretary_4E7-2A27 BoP Rhode....Editor_222-3573 

Jia «belx....Vice-Prt*_337-5442 Sab 81ada....Treaaurtr_487-3702 Fruit Aauy...Slak UA_774-4224 

Jia Slade... Paper /Educational libreriu_489-3982 

SPACE/TAIfi Bullatia Board...473-2877 

3. P. A. C. E. Maimburshi p Appl 1 cation 

Nanus_____ _ Phons___Oats_ 

Addrsss_Ci t y_Stats_Zip_ 


Arsas o-f Zntsrsst_ _ ______ 


Dues *14.00 psr ysar - Plsass sneless ehsek with Application. 

Mail Application and duss tot 
St. Paul ATARI Computer Enthusiasts 
1697 E. Hoyt svs. ST. Paul, MN 33106 

gWIZARD’S mm2 









1/4 PACE *5.50 
1/2 RAGE *10 

E 22 ^ 93 2 





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1697 E. HOYT AVE. 

ST. PAUL, MN, 55106